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Daily Schedule

6:00 am — 9:00am Daycare time / Children arriving / Morning Snack/Sign In

9:00am — 9:25am STEAM/ Group Therapy

9:30am Breakfast / Clean up

9:30am — 9:45am Circle time: songs and stories / Shape of the week. Color, and Number

9:45am — 10:45am STEAM / GROUP Therapy

(During this time, all children are invited into the bathroom to have use the toilet)

10:45am — 10:50am Clean up

10:50am — 11:35am Outside / Walk / Gross Motor Activities

11:35 am — 12:00pm Wash hands / Circle time- Manners / Etiquette

12:00pm — 12:45pm Lunch

(As children finish lunch, they are invited into the bathroom to use the toilet)

12:45pm — 2:00pm Rest time

(Awake children may quietly look at books at 1:45 pm, sleeping children can rest until they wake up, unless a parent requests otherwise)

2:00pm — 2:30pm Quiet Activities (Children are invited into the bathroom use the toilet)

2:30pm — 2:45pm Afternoon Snack Cleanup / Continue Bathroom time

3:00pm Dismissal

3:00pm — 6:30pm Daycare time / Children departing

3:00pm — 6:30pm Afterschool Program

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