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Daily Activity

Sign In

Children will practice writing their name once they arrive in the classroom. Their daily journals are to help the child practice using a pencil and give them an opportunity to exercise their fine motor muscles. Though there are many exercises we may use to assist in the development of these skills, each child will learn to write at their own pace. Parents/Guardians sign their child in and out of the Center.

Therapy Groups

Lead by Social Worker or Licensed Therapist to enhance emotional intelligence.

Circle Time

This time includes music, dancing, and storytelling. Children develop rhythm, social skills, gross and fine motor skills when learning a new song. Story time helps literacy development, a love for literature and fosters active participation. Stories teach the alphabet, colors, counting concepts, self- identity, culture, family dynamics and inter-personal relationships. Children also learn self-control as they wait to share their input during the team meeting. This time also includes discussion of the calendar, a report from the class meteorologist and a brief instructional time about the current focus of study. Table experiments, investigations or activities will be introduced, and any questions answered.

Indoor/Outdoor Discovery

Indoor Exploration: This is the time of day when children will have the freedom to choose their path of exploration. Each day the teacher will offer three distinct opportunities at the preschool tables to discover something new in addition to the play options that are present in our everyday classroom.

Outdoor Exploration: When playing outside children develop gross motor skills, a sense of body limitation and self-direction. Outside play will be spent at the on-site playground and in the courtyard in front of the classroom, if weather permits.

Rainy Days

We will extend free play in the classroom or inside the larger building (Building 1) if the weather does not permit the class to go outside. Often, teachers will guide gross motor activities inside the classroom to give children the same learning opportunities as outside play.

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