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Our Staff

We are very proud of the quality of staff we have assembled for this program. Our staff is hired and trained specifically for these leadership positions. Candidates are screened through an interview process, a   reference  check  and  a  five  Scan  fingerprinting  check  for  any  criminal  convictions.  Our  staff  is certified in CPR and First Aid and undergo yearly training which include mandated reporting, activity and games training, leadership, problem-solving, handling behaviors and. All have been selected for their enthusiasm, love of children and the unique skills and strengths they bring to the program.

Director/Recreation Supervisor

The Recreation Supervisor is responsible for creating and/or implementing the program, the policies and the procedures necessary to ensure safety of staff and participants in addition to providing quality community enrichment. The Recreation Supervisor deals with administration and registration of the program along with customer service and satisfaction. The supervisor also organizes and conducts the hiring and training process for staff.

Recreation Coordinator

Under the direction of the Recreation Supervisor, the Recreation Coordinator is responsible for the daily operations of the program, safety and supervision of all staff and participants, proper opening/closing of facilities and maintaining a supply inventory, forms, and records, as needed. They will assist in creating or improving themes, curriculum, policies, procedures, and scheduling. The Recreation Coordinator will also address any customer service or staff related issues.

Lead Teacher and Aide

The teacher and aide are responsible for facilitating, initiating and leading children’s experiments, lessons and explorations. They work directly with children and are accountable for their safety and supervision throughout the day’s activities. The teacher and aide are expected to create and maintain a safe, enjoyable and fun atmosphere for children, as well as be a leader and a role model for appropriate social and physical behaviors.

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